Apple Watch Rudraksha is also known Rudraksh, Aksha mala, scientifically Elaeocarpus ganitrus, rudraksha beads, and mostly ‘Rudraksha’ everywhere. Rudraksha is a Hindu Sanskrit word which is made of with ‘Rudra’ meaning one of the name of god shiva, whereas ‘Aksha’ meaning Eyes. Rudraksha Beads is also known as Eye of God shiva (shiva favourite) as well as its origin story can be found from god shiva eye. Rudraksha Beads is found in Eastern hilly areas of Nepal. We can found benefits, importance,properties of rudraksha in different scripture. Nepali rudraksha is famous and used from ancient period of time in body and prayer purpose. We can find rudraksha story, history of origin, importance in diffferent purana(scripture) like shiva puran, padma puran, skanda puran etc.

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