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Rudraksha is sacred and Holy Beads which is dedicated to God Shiva.

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Shaligram is sacred and Holy stone which is dedicated to God Vishnu.

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Rudraksha Mala

Rudraksha Mala is garland (necklace) of Holy Rudraksha beads.

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We provide all kinds of Hindu Religious & Prayers items like shivalinga,idols,shriyantra etc

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Rudraksha Importance From Shivapuran.

Any one of the human beings who wear Rudraksha in both hand,wrist,forehead,ear etc. These human attain the Home of Lord Shiva (Shivlok).


– Lord shiva speak to his son Kartikeya .. Dear Kartikeya,even if animal die by keeping rudraksha in their body. They attain Shivlok. Then human beings is not thing?.

– While making Rosaries (Mala) of Rudraksha. We should maka rossary(mala) of 108 beads or 54 beads or 27 beads.

– Any one who wish to attain moksha(salvation) they should do jap(chant) with 25 beads Mala, Any one who want wealth do jap with 30 beads rudraksha mala, Any one who want long life should do jap with 25 beads mala, Any one who want to do jap without thought or wish should do jap with 15 beads mala. Those human who wear 27 beads Rudraksha mala in their neck. Whatever work these human beings do . They will get more and more benefits.

– Those human beings who donate rudraksha to brahman .God Rudra (shiva) is always happy with this human beings. And finally he provides his position to his devotees.

– Wearing Rudraksha destroy all kinds of Sin which occur by seeing,listening, smelling,tasteing etc…

– Any one who donate something like food,cloth to holy men who is wearing Rudraksha in day of pitri shraadh (ancestor rituals yearly puja). Their ancestor reach pitri lok which is far from chandra lok(moon). There is no doubt on it. And if we wash feet of these holy men (sadhus) who is wearing rudraksha. And drink that jal(holy water) we will attain shiv lok by washing our sin.

– Any one who wear beautiful jewellery,Pearl(moti mala) etc different varity of oranments with rudraksha.They are blessed by shiva.

– Rudraksha is favourite ornaments of god shiva. It is divine gift to nature.

– Rudraksha is Eyes of Lord shiva. The origin of rudraksha is related to Shiva eyes.

– Rudraksha have varity of types known as different mukhi Rudraksha (faces which rudraksha have). Each type of Rudraksha represent symbol of different god/goddess.

– Different types of Rudraksha have various legend,benefits,properties.

– Rudraksha wearer should not take meat,alchohol etc.

– The important day and great day to wear rudraksha is Monday,shivaratri,sankranti,purnima(full moon day),ekadashi etc.