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Rudraksha – The Dearest of God Shiva

Rudraksha is also known Rudraksh, Aksha mala, scientifically Elaeocarpus ganitrus, rudraksha beads, and mostly ‘Rudraksha’ all over the world.

Rudraksha is a Hindu Sanskrit word which is made up of with ‘Rudra’ meaning one of the name of god shiva, whereas ‘Aksha’ meaning Eyes. Rudraksha Beads is also known as Eye of God shiva (shiva favourite) as well as its origin story can be found from god shiva eye. Rudraksha Beads is found in Eastern hilly areas of Nepal. We can found benefits and importance of wearing rudraksha due to its different properties and spiritual power and importance. Nepal rudraksha is famous and used from ancient period of time in body and prayer purpose. We can find rudraksha story, history of origin, importance in diffferent purana(scripture) like shiva puran, padma puran, skanda puran etc.

It is an important and mystical Bead of Hindu Mythology & Medication is symbol of different hindu god and goddess and god shiva. It is grown in the eastern hilly region of Nepal. Rudraksha fruit’s outer covers are edible in nature & also used in ancient medicine and different therapy and medicine purpose. We can know nowadays many scientific reason also declared rudraksha beads consist electromagnetic energy.

There is a great importance of Pious Bead i.e which is found inside the Rudraksha Fruits. We also send some rudraksha fruits gift when anything purchase from us and on request.

Rudraksha holy beads main use is wearing them in the body with devotion. And prayer purposes.

Beside it, Rudraksha Mala (rosary or garland made up of rudraksha beads) is used for Japa (chanting mantra/hymn of God). This rosary or mala is made up of mainly small beads and as well as big beads. Whereas big bead used to wear as single or combinations. And also both of them hand used in worship in different purposes. Usually it has 108 Rudraksha Beads. And also made up of 54 bead, 27, 33 etc. And in japa process (chanting special god hymn or usually called ‘Mantra’ 108 is regarded as auspicious. When we calculate or divide 108 by 4. We can found 27 star. When we divide 108 by 12 (twelve rashi/zodiac sign) we can found nine which symbol 9 planet.

When talking each bead of a tree. Different types of Rudraksha is known as different Number of Mukhi or Faces of Rudraksha. And we can found in scripture each god and goddess for every rudraksh beads. The normal one is 5 mukhi which is used to make mala an after it four and six mukhi / faces. 4th and 6th variety of rudraksha.

Rudraksha has a very high profile in Spiritualism. It is very widely used and worshipped as a source of good luck, good health, prosperity, medicinal values, success, gains, and most importantly eradication of evil and immortal forces. It is mostly used as a pendant, garland(mala), and bangles. Devotees around Pashupati are seen wearing these mystical Rudrakshas. These belief are very deep-rooted in Hinduism.

Regarding its types, we can found that Lord Shiva himself has mentioned different Mukhi/Faces (Rudraksha types) Representation to Different gods and goddesses. And there is no doubt that Every has presence of god shiva (Rudraksha main deity). Three gods are known as Hindu trinity and patron. God Brahma (creator of universe), Lord Vishnu (Protector of universe) and God Shiva (destroyer of Ignorance). If you want to wear God Brahma (4 mukhi) and God Vishnu (10 mukhi rudraksha) respectively.

God Shiva is also known as God of God and one of the name of God Shiva is ‘Mahadev’. Maha means Great and Dev means God. Sacred Rudraksha is also used with devotion to resemble Shiva. It is said that the wearer attains Shivoham (inner peace & pleasure of Shiva) and he/she is also considered as Shiva himself/herself by wearing rudraksha.

Rudra is one among many names of God Shiva and Aksha means Eye of Shiva. Rudraksha is known as Favourite to God Shiva (Eye of God Shiva). Many and intelligent People also describe Aksha as immortal water drops and holy tears of God Shiva.

In most of the scripture, it is mentioned that from teardrops of god shiva and one in one purana (hindu scripture) we can found that the divine rudraksha tree grew from sweat drops of God shiva. And sansrit word aksha meaning eye. It is also known as deva mani. The jewels of god shiva and god goddess.

The Birth story of Rudraksha (From a Shiva Purana: Conversation between God Shiva and Goddess Parvati) – Once Lord Shiva do meditation for more than 1000 years by keeping his mind in Patience. Lord Shiva is also known as Free God who do a favor to people & mankind. One day God Shiva mind is suddenly Disturbed. Lord Shiva opens his beautiful eyes with self-willpower. At that time from the beautiful Eye of God Shiva, some water drops or tears fall on Earth. From these sacred drops, it grows a divine and mystical tree known as Rudraksha. The beads which grow in rudraksha trees is known as Rudraksha or Rudraksha Beads. We must wear rudraksha with devotion and to be free from all kinds of suffering, sins, and to get happiness in life.

Another legend of Holy Rudraksh can be found in Skanda Purana. When Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Lord Brahma & Lord Indra killed the demon Tripurasur. All god relax in Himalayas. God was resting and talking to each other. With some reason, Lord Shiva laugh so happily that four drops of happy tears from God Shiva eyes fall on Earth. From this drop, it grow a mystical tree known as Rudraksha.

Another story can be found in Devi Bhagwat, Lord Shiva Says to his Son Kumar Kartikeya about the origin(birth) of Rudraksha. Dear son, there was a demon name Tripur. He is also known as Tripurasur. He was very much powerful and he could not be defeated by anyone. All god was suffering from Tripur including God Brahma, Vishnu, Indra. So all god pray and request me. In this situation, I started thinking about this Tripurasur. One of my weapon name is ‘Aghor’ which is very beautiful and it is a figure of all god. A fierce flame comes out of that weapon. It has the power to calm all disturbances. To kill the demon and help god I close my eyes by remembering this divine weapon. At that time, some water drops from my eyes fall on earth. Dear son from these teardrops it gives a origin(birth) to Great Rudraksha Trees. From my order, different varieties of Rudraksha Beads grow in Rudraksha trees.

Rudraksha types are known as different Mukhi or the faces of Rudraksha. All Rudraksha beads are equally important. Single Rudraksha bead please different Gods and God Shiva.

Rudraksha is not only worn by human beings but it is also one of the dearest ornament of God Shiva. Some other dearest ornaments of god shiva are the crescent moon which God Shiva keeps on his head. When it was a time of Samundra Manthan (churning of the ocean) the moon also emerges from it which Shiva asked it for him. Rudraksha plays a vital role in Mankind. The Rudraksha is a power bead which has a different kind of benefits and magical properties. When Rudraksha trees grew it is believed that Lord Shiva himself has worn 14 mukhi rudraksha(fourteen face rudraksha). We can also find different image and idol of god shiva wearing rudraksha mala and also chanting with rudraksha mala.

We can also find Rudraksha Story in the holy text, Some other legend which describes the importance and greatness of Holy Rudraksha beads is ‘Rudraksha Story related to Donkey’. There was a donkey who was climbing Mount Mandarachal carrying a Rudraksha Bag. He dies carrying a rudraksha beads bag on the way. Lord shiva order his attendant to bring him in Mount Kailash. He was taken to Kailash (home of god shiva). It is because he was carrying rudraksha. We believe Kailash and Vaikuntha(home of Lord Vishnu) better than Heaven. Hence, the donkey had attained Shivalok(home of god shiva) and salvation by the glory of Rudraksha. Then there is no doubt about Human beings to obtain freedom and salvation from rudraksha. Rudraksha protects us. So everyone should wear rudraksha beads once in life. It please different gods goddesses and god shiva.

The Rudraksha holds an old long history. Rudraksha has been worn out and worship from thousand of years by sages, ascetic, human beings, individuals, and God Shiva devotees. Nowadays millions of Hindu and Non-Hindus who know about rudraksha and don’t know about Rudraksha seeds wear rudraksha due to its benefits, healing, Yog power, and devotion to God Shiva. The home of God Pashupatinath (God Shiva) Nepal is famous for Rudraksha beads (origin – god shiva) and Shaligram Shilas Stones (origin-god vishnu) all over the World. It is said that many ascetics who have lived-in Himalaya choose Nepal Rudraksha. It is proved that we never find Nepal Rudraksha and Shaligram in Other Place. It can look similar but not exactly the Nepali One. (Himalaya Rudraksha Bhandar) is very proud to be in this Spiritual field for more than 40 years. Anyone who wishes to do in-store shopping is always welcome in Pashupatinath Temple, Kathmandu, Nepal. As well as our online store is shipping worldwide from Nepal. We send every genuine and high-quality rudraksha after Pranpratistha(energizing) Rudraksha Beads and Mala properly at Pashupatinath Temple Nepal. So that devotees who wish to wear Rudraksha get the blessing of God Shiva.

In scripture, God Shiva says to his son Kumar Kartikeya about the types of rudraksha.

There are different types of rudraksha. The main type is identifying its Mukhi/Faces which denote different God forms along with the presence of God Shiva in all types of Rudraksha. And Price of Rudraksha is also classified from its Mukhi/Face.

God Shiva says we should only use Rudraksha beads which is not insect bitten, not broken, not damage, etc.

Some Variety (Mukhi/Face Rudraksha) is common and available at a low price whereas some expensive and rare. The most common and normal Rudraksha is powerful 5 face rudraksha (five Mukhi), six Mukhi rudraksha (six Face), 4 Mukhi rudraksha (four face rudraksha). Whereas expensive rudraksha bead is twenty-one mukhi rudraksha (21 face rudraksha). In Nepal, we say Mukh for a face. For Rudraksha Face we usually say Mukhi.

Different Types (Face/Mukhi) Rudraksha grows in the same rudraksha tree mostly 65-75% five Mukhi and rests other rudraksha.

Every Rudraksha hold or have natural lines that we count to identify different types of Rudraksha Beads (Rudraksha Mukhi/Faces).

If Rudraksha Beads present 5 lines then it is known as 5 Mukhi or 5 face rudraksha. If rudraksha contains 9 natural lines then it is known as 9 Mukhi or 9 face rudraksha, if rudraksha has 10 lines then it is known as 10 Face rudraksha or Ten Mukhi rudraksha. If Rudraksha Beads possesses twelve numbers of lines then 12 Mukhi rudraksha or 12 Face rudraksha. As much as Rudraksha present different numbers of lines it is recognized as specific Mukhi or faces of rudraksha. Whereas some unique bead is also grown which are identified with its shape or apperance rather than it’s Mukhi or faces (lines) Beside 1 mukhi rudraksha which is available in half-moon shape only and round 1 Mukhi rudraksha is considered as rare one. Other all Holy Rudraksha bead are available in round and oval shape except 1 mukhi and unique bead. Unique bead also has different numbers of lines(Mukhi/faces) but used mostly with its appearance. Some prefer to wear unique bead like gauri shankar rudraksha(twin bead) according to its mukhi but mostly(80%) devotees use according to its shape. Different type of Rudraksha also symbol to different god and goddesss.

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