Rudraksha Beads

Rudraksha Simple Wearing Method

If you are wearing first time Rudraksha or if you want to wear Rudraksha in home. You can follow this simple procedure.

  1. Wear on God Shiva Special day like Monday.
  2. Be Pure (bath) at wearing day and wear clean or new cloth
  3. Go on Puja(worship) Room
  4. Organize regular worship to god like offering incense, oil lamp etc.
  5. Keep Rudraksha in copper plate and bath with ganga jal or pure water. While bathing chant “Om Namah Shivaya”
  6. Worship God shiva (image or shivalinga) and keep Rudraksha with god shiva. Worship both Rudraksha and god shiva by offering patram (bel leaves), pushpam (flower), Falam (fruits), toyam (pure water). If not available bel leaves offer only flower. Also show previous incense, deepam (take arati) and also provide ghanti (bell) to god shiva (shivalinga/image) and Rudraksha.
  7. Chant Rudraksha mantra like some mantra are as follows:- 1 mukhi rudraksha – Om Hrih Namah,2 mukhi rudraksha. – Om Namah, 3 mukhi rudraksha – Om Klih Namah, 4 mukhi rudraksha – Om Hrih Namah, 5 mukh rudraksha – Om Hrih Namah, 6 mukhi rudraksha – Om Hrih huh Namah, 7 mukhi rudraksha – Om Huh Namah, 8 mukhi rudraksha – om huh namah, 9 mukhi rudraksha – Om Hrih Huh Namah, 10 mukhi rudraksha – Om Hrih Namah, 11 mukhi rudraksha – Om Hrih Huh Namah, 12 mukhi rudraksha – Om Krau Kshau Rauh Namah, 13 mukhi rudraksha – Om Hrih Namah, 14 mukhi rudraksha – Om Namah, Gauri shankar rudraksha – Om gauri shankaraya nama, Ganesh rudraksha – Om Ganeshaya Namah
  8. Chant Om namah shivaya by remebering god shiva and ruling god.
  9. And wear Rudraksha by rembering God Shiva.

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