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Rudraksha Guide | All You Need to Know Before Buying and Wearing Rudraksha

You Should remember and know the following things before buying and Wearing Rudraksha

  1. Duplicate or Original – Nowadays, there are different duplicate rudraksha found in market and online shop. The main thing you should know before wearing and buying rudraksha is that whether you are buying or wearing duplicate or original rudraksha. Original Rudraksha are handpicked from trees whereas duplicate is made with hand.
  2. Only Wear the bead which is not insect bitten, broken.
  3. Know your bead before buying. The most famous is Nepal, After it india and indonesian. Indonesian Bead is less attractive then Nepali for e.g its Mukhis or clear Faces.
  4. If you donot know which bead to wear, know each god and different types of Rudraksha before wearing rudraksha bead. If you are still confused remember your favourite god for eg. Kartikeya, Shiva Parvati, Vishnu, Ganesh, Surya.
  5. Always seeks recommendation from nepalrudraksha .com , we will select your bead
  6. Give priority to Religion and Spirituality rather then wearing according to planet or rashi. NepalRudraksha.Com provide you best recommendation according to Rashi(zodiac) sign or planet.
  7. Wear Only heavy bead, it is known as developed. But it is not problem and matter to god. Heavy bead sink in water whereas whose weight is less floats in water.
  8. Before buying, think 2 times so that you donot feel guilty of cheated.
  9. Only Buy Nepal Bead from Nepal. No matter you spend courier charge. You will get Nepal Rudraksha as well as good price with quality bead from
  10. Wear Rudraksha in auspicious day like Somwar (Monday) and shivaratri festival.
  11. Only wear rudraksha after its worship, which is also known as energization. Before wearing Say Om namah Shivaya , We send you energized bead only before dispatch.
  12. Give priority to genuinity, quality rather than money. But donot spend more for less Mukhi Rudraksha. Some of the normal rudraksha are 4, 5, 6 and 7 mukhi rudraksha.
  13. Before buying expensive or higher mukhi / FACED rudraksha like 16, 17 , 18 , 19 think for a while. Donot forget to remember us. Nepal rudraksha is best and we are based in nepal. We assured you that you will get best bead in reasonable price.
  14. Fake rudraksha are made buy cutting with hand for example 6 to 11, 5 to 9, 7 to 13 . Only expert can know it. Seek expert help before buying. Our support team and shop member is available to help you.
  15. The Rudraksha beads turn black when you wear for long time like 3 to 4 month and sometime within 1 to 2 month. It is symbol of good luck and prosperity. We can clean easily for example, opening your beads and using brush and new soap (new tooth brush). Brush and clean rudraksha using soap and dry in sunlight for 15 minutes after washing nicely. After 15 min keep more 30 mins on medium sun light not heavy sunlight. Keep in dry place where brightness is available but not direct sunlight. After it just use 2 drop of vegetable oil and rub rudraksha nicely. And wear it.
  16. Rudraksha is power bead which provide you dharma (religious value), artha (economic value), Kama (pleasure) and moksha (salvation).
  17. Donot wear rudraksha out of cloth. Wear keep touching with your heart. It provide positive vibration also protect from dust.
  18. If you are looking for government registered shop in nepal. we could be best choice. We are happy to pay tax and we are happy to provide holiest item which is quality all around the world.
  19. If you are beginners and donot know what to do after reading book or site so many time. We will select you rudraksha bead, leave upon us.
  20. Always bath after consuming non veg food and donot forget to wash rudraksha. Only wear the day you consume veg food. We also suggest to be veg to get excellent result.
  21. The scientific name of Rudraksha is elaeocarpus ganitrus
  22. Rudraksha could be best tools to increase your spiritual life and pleasure
  23. If you are planting rudraksha. Donot forget to put water every day. It becomes very large or big tree so change its position to other place if you are planting in small pot whether in house, house top floor or small place.
  24. For Rudraksha recommendation Click here
  25. To select Rudraksha Click here

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