Unity Power



Unity Power

This special pendant having one bead of Gauri Shankar Rudraksha(twin rudraksha which represent god shiva and goddess parvati) and 2 beads of two Mukhi Rudraksha( god shiva parvati) is designed for peace, happiness, and comfort in the family. It harmonizes the atmosphere around the wearer and is ideal for family relationships. It is also good for seeing a soul mate, wealth, to attain religious value. It is one of the special, rare, and costly combinations. Suitable both for married and unmarried one.

The face of Rudraksha beads or variety combined in this rudrakshas combination is Gauri Shankar and two face rudraksha(total two). No of Rudraksha bead combined – 3

All rudraksha used in this product will be in pure silver and has strung of red thread.

We will send you after the energize at Pashupatinath Temple Nepal (God Shiva Temple).