Two Mukhi Rudraksha India



It is similar and look like half moon shape one mukhi rudraksha but it is flat in nature. It is worn in silver and we will provide free silver capping with it and red thread along with it.

Many consider it as indonesian 2 mukhi rudraksha. But this dwo mukhi (2 mukhi) rudraksha is larger in size.

It is worn regularly in neck and some wish to keep with god shiva in worship room.

Two mukhi rudraksha is direct symbol of Ardhanareshwara (Also known as: Ardhanarishwar) which mean half god shiva and half goddess parvati.

This rudraksha is good for guru sikshya relationship (student teacher) , husband wife, family, friend. It is symbol of love, trusthworthiness and devotion. It pleases god shiva and goddess parvati.

This Rudraksha has two natural lines at front and back. One line represent shiva and other parvati. So it is known as Two mukhi Rudraksha.

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