Trijuti Rudraksha (gauripath)



Trijuti Rudraksha (Gauripath Rudraksha)

Another name of Trijuti Rudraksha is also Gauripath Rudraksha. It is one of the gift of nature(god). Naturally, three rudraksha bead joining together each other in the same bead of Rudraksha is known as Trijuti Rudraksha (gauripath rudraksha). It is considered one of the rare rudraksha and produces very less in trees in Nepal.

It is one of the best Rudraksha to wear in body or worship at home.

Trijuti rudraksha symbolize god shiva,parvati and ganesh.

Many considered Trijuti Rudraksha also Hindu Trinity. The God Brahma, God Vishnu and God Shiva.

It has the ability to enable the human 6th sense and wash away all types of the sin of the its wearer and worshippers. For sucessful life and spiritual pleasure, we should wear Trijuti Rudraksha.


om namah shivaya

om gauri shankaraye namah

About Trijuti Rudraksha from

  • Trijuti Rudraksha will be in silver capping along with red thread as mala.
  • Trijuti Rudraksha will be sent after energize at Pashupatinath temple (god shiva temple).
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