Sixteen Mukhi Rudraksha (16 face rudraksha)

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Sixteen Mukhi Rudraksha

Sixteen Mukhi Rudraksha is known as 16 face rudraksha and Solah mukhi rudraksha. Sixteen Mukhi Rudraksha present 16 natural lines on rudraksha bead so it is known as Sixteen Mukhi rudraksha. Sixteen Mukhi Rudraksha is a direct symbol of Mritunjaya Mahadev(God Shiva) and God Rama (7th incarnation of God Vishnu).

This rudraksha always provides Jaya(victory). This Rudraksha destroys all kind of fear of evil and death.

This Rudraksha is also a symbol of Hari Shankar. Hari Shankar is also known as Harihar meaning the lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. This rudraksha is able to provide protection and shield which could not be break by anyone. It provides the blessing of Vishnu and Shiva. This Rudraksha wearer and worshipper please god vishnu and god shiva.

Sixteen Mukhi Rudraksha also provide positive energy, thought, and thinking and wash away all kinds of sins and negative energy.

Due to the Positive Power of 16 Mukhi rudraksha, this rudraksha helps to attract others, provide love, harmony, affection all around. It is believed that those who wear 16 Mukhi rudraksha. There is no chance of loss, theft, robbery in his/her house, body soul who wears 16 Mukhi rudraksha. Sixteen mukhi rudraksha provide the spiritual pleasure.

This Rudraksha is helpful to solve any kind of problem. Victory always follows the wearer of this rudraksha. It can be used by any profession people with devotion to God Shiva, God Vishnu and God Ram.

This rudraksha destroy Enemy.

Lord Shiva is also known as Mahamritunjaya “Meaning that who has won over death and God who provide freedom from death”. This rudraksha wearer do not suffer fear from death or the god of death or hell(yamaraj and yamaduta). He/she who had hold 16 mukhi rudraksha is considered as immortal or attain moksha(salvation). This rudraksha wearer is always blessed by Lord Shiva.

This rudraksha is also believed to be very beneficial to win on legal or court cases. It provides justice. It is also very beneficial for women’s misconceptions. This Rudraksha cures various diseases that are known and unknown. Like leprosy, tuberculosis, lung diseases, etc.

Sometimes 16 Mukhi rudraksha is also known as Mahakal rudraksha. Mahakal is one of the names of Shiva. Meaning the: with whom death also becomes afraid. Mahakal and mahamritunjaya is also said to be synonym. Mahakal and maha mritunjaya both importance and glory can be found in scriptures like Shiva Puran and both are favourite name of god shiva.

It is believed that 16 Mukhi rudraksha washes away ego, jealousy, and balance emotions and harmony. This rudraksha is able to solve all kinds of emotional, physical, and mental problems.

This Rudraksha also helps to be good saints and sages.

Sixteen Mukhi rudraksh helps to cure all effects and dosha(mistake) of nine planets.

Hence, we should wear 16 mukhi rudraksha once in life to get the divine blessing of lord shiva,god vishnu and god ram, and all Vedic gods and for spiritual pleasure.

Wearing Energized Sixteen mukhi rudraksha is said to be very much beneficial.

We send you sixteen mukhi rudraksha after energizing Rudraksha properly at Pashupatinath Temple Nepal (God Shiva Temple).

Sixteen Mukhi Rudraksha Mantra (Hymn)
Before wearing 16 mukhi rudraksha we should recite this mantra(hymn) for 10 or 108 times. Reciting this mantra after wearing rudraksha is also very much beneficial.

Om Namah Shivaya (God Shiva and Goddess Parvati main mantra)
Om Ramaye Namah (God Ram main mantra)
Maha mritunjaya mantra – which goes like this “Om trayam bakam yaja mahe sugandhim pusti vardanam urva ruka miwa bandhanat mrityo mukchiya mamritat”. Mahamritunjaya mantra is dedicated to God Shiva.
Mahamritunjaya mantra quote from a sacred text – Lord Shiva says “We get the same benefits of Seeing Shiva if we get chance to see a man who is chanting maha mritunjaya mantra, if he/she is wearing rudraksha mala in body and if he/she has Tripunda Tilaka on Forehead (paste mark).

About Sixteen Mukhi Rudraksha from
– Sixteen Mukhi Rudraksha will be in pure silver capping. The mala (necklace) will be of red thread.

– Every Rudraksha Beads will be sent after touch and energize at Pashupatinath Temple (God Shiva Temple).



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