Shivaratri – Shivaratri Story, Puja, Date and Timing


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Shivaratri is also known as Maha Shivaratri which mean Maha : Great, Shiva – God Shiva, and Ratri mean Night. Though lord shiva appeared in this night to bless his devotee hunter. But on auspicious Shivaratri day god shiva is worshipped from morning to throughout the night.

2022 Shivaratri date – March 1, 2022, Tuesday (फाल्गुन १७ मंगलबार २०७८ BS )

Shivaratri Story

There is an interesting story of Shivaratri which also describes the importance of offering bel leaves to god shiva.

There was a hunter who could not find his food in the jungle. Being tired he rest in Bel Tree at Night. As he sat in a branch of a tree and was thinking, he continuously throws bel leaves to the ground one by one from the tree. Below the tree, there was a Shivalinga and each leaves he was throwing cover and decorated shiva-linga. This auspicious day was Shivaratri (the day of god shiva),the leaves he was throwing was bel leaves (which is very much favorite to god shiva) and he did lord shiva worship on this great day unknowingly. Lord Shiva appeared in front of him and bless the devotee and his family with good health,wealth, and finally liberation.

So we should worship god shiva and taking fast to god shiva on this auspicious day is also very important.

Devotees celebrate by worshipping god shiva, singing shiva bhajan, burning dhuni (fire wood), etc. We can see huge crowd at pashupatinath temple.

Different sadhus (holy man/saint) gathered at Pashupatinath temple before few days of Shivaratri day at Pashupatinath temple Nepal. Some believe shivaratri is marriage day of god shiva and goddess parvati. Where as akshaya tritiya is known as shiva parvati marriage day. We can find hunter story in scripture.

Shivaratri Puja

If you wish to Perform Shivaratri Puja (worship) on behalf of your name and family name from us. We will provide Rudraabhisheck Puja (holy bath) and chanting to god shiva on shivaratri day (includes many more worship/puja) at around Sri pashupatinath area ( god shiva temple) in Nepal.

The charges include the cost of all souvenir and puja items like Patram/Bel patra leaves, pushpam/flower, falam/fruits, incenses,puja samagri/worship material etc. And also souvenir is sent to you after the puja is done along with one energize rudraksha mala. Puja is done by a dedicated priest/brahmin.

Puja Donation amount – 101 $ , Indian Rs – 7000 Rs