Seventeen Mukhi Rudraksha (17 face rudraksha)

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Seventeen Mukhi Rudraksha

Seventeen Mukhi Rudraksha is known as 17 face rudraksha and Satrah mukhi rudraksha. Seventeen Mukhi Rudraksha present natural 17 lines on rudraksha bead so it is known as Seventeen Mukhi Rudraksha. Seventeen Mukhi Rudraksha is a direct symbol of Goddess Parvati whose name is “Katyayani”. Goddess Katyayani is one among 9 Durga (Nine incarnations of Goddess Parvati).

It is believed that the lord of art and architecture “Lord Vishwakarma” also blesses the Seventeen Mukhi Rudraksha. All celestial kingdom like a home of gods and also the weapon of Lord Indra(king of heaven) “Bajra” is made by lord Vishwakarma. This Rudraksha provides creative minds.

It is able to provide wealth in a short period of time, so this rudraksha is very much popular with its different properties.

Seventeen Mukhi Rudraksha removes negativity from its roots. This rudraksha is able to provide success in life. This rudraksha makes all family happy. This rudraksha attracts positive in life.
This rudraksha provides dharma artha kama moksha (Religious value, Economic value, love pleasure, and Salvation).

Goddess Katyayani and God Shiva (God Shiva and Goddess Parvati) fulfills all kinds of a wish of those who wear or worship Seventeen Mukhi Rudraksha.

To please shiva family and all vedic gods must wear Seventeen mukhi rudraksha once in lifetime.

Wearing Energized Seventeen mukhi rudraksha said to be very much beneficial.

We will send seventeen mukhi rudraksha after energizing Rudraksha properly at Pashupatinath Temple Nepal (God Shiva Temple).

Seventeen Mukhi Rudraksha Mantra (Hymn)
Before wearing Seventeen Mukhi Rudraksha we should recite this mantra 10 times or 108 times. Reciting this mantra (hymn) everyday after wearing rudraksha is also very muc beneficial.

Om Namah Shivaya (For god shiva and goddess parvati)
Om Durgaye Namah (For goddess Durga/Parvati)
Om parvate namah (For goddess Parvati)
Om Gauri Shankaraye Namah (For God shiva and Goddess parvati).
About Seventeen Mukhi Rudraksha from
– Seventeen Mukhi Rudraksha will be in pure silver capping. The mala (necklace) will be of red thread.

– Every Rudraksha Beads will be sent after touch and energize at Pashupatinath Temple (God Shiva Temple).

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