Parad and Sphatik items

Parad is also known as sacred mercury. Parad is very much importance and it canot be described with words. Parad is said as lord shiva sperm in ayurveda. Parad is lord shiva sperm so it is form of lord shiva himself. In world, as a great magical items and who provides siddhi (sucess) parad is well known and has great importance. In himalaya parvat, lord shiva himself say to goddess parvati that those person who worship parad shivaling and use parad material, those people house never enter poverty and hunger and nor he/she has fear of death. By seeing and worshipping parad shivalinga he/she  attain dharma(religious value), artha(economic value), kama(happiness) and moksha(salvation). He/she attain attains all kinds of happiness, respect, knowledge, position, sons and wealth and get freedom from all kinds of difficulties. Because Parad is Lord shiva sperm. So it is itself respectable. So while worshipping and wearing and using it we should not do long ways of pran pratistha(energization). It is said that fruits which is attain by worshipping million shivalinga is attains itself by seeing parad shivalinga. Parad shivalinga is worshipped with Maha mirtunjaya mantra and om nama shivaya mantra. Mahamirtunjaya mantra is “Om Trayam Bakam yaja mahe sugandhim pusti bardanam urva ruka miwa bandhanat mrityo mukchiya mamritat”.

Sphatik is known as semi precious stone of diamond. So it is also known as sukra ratna (venus stone). Sphatik is also known as billaur, ice stone, sacred quartz stone and also rock crystal. It is one of the transparent gems. It is also known as sphatik mani(gem). Sphatik is found in moutain in small-small part. It is like color of ice. It is impotant than many kinds of gems stones.  Sphatik is worshipped as shivalinga, shree yantra, different idols of god and goddess and used as malas etc. There is presence of all god in sphatik. Worshipping and wearing sphatik has great importance in hinduism. Basically there is no need of energization for worshipping and wearing sphatik. We can worship and wear by washing it with pure water by saying god shiva mantra ‘Om nama shivaya’. Chanting any gods and goddess mantra from sphatik mala provide soon siddhi (sucess). It is very much important and provide soon result. Mainly goddess laxmi, saraswati, durga and gayatri mantra is chanted from sphatik mala. It provide soon better result. Sphatik mala always provide different types of good result. It is cold in nature. Wearing it burn and remove negative energy of body. It is also good for diabetes and blood pressure patient. Sphatik mala remove anger. It can be worn by anyone. Just by seeing Sphatik shivalinga,  shree yantra remove all kinds of difficulties of human beings then what to say about worshipping it. Its benefits and importance canot be explained. Wearing sphatik mala is said to provide all kinds of heartwish and sucess.

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