Rudraksha Malas, Bracelets

Rudraksha mala is also known as rudraksha rosary or rudraksha beads garland. Seeing those who is wearing rudraksha mala, god shiva, god vishnu, goddess durga(parvati), God ganesha, god surya and all god and goddess be happy. In Rudraksha mouth god brahma is presence, middle god rudra (god shiva) and below or tail side god vishnu is presence.So Rudraksha is able to provide both bhoga(enjoyment) and moksha(salvation). Mostly Rudraksha Mala is made with 108 beads, 54 beads and also 33 beads. And one extra bead is strung at top which is known as sumeru.  This sumeru bead also helps to recognize end of chanting process while doing Japas. Whether rudraksha mala is small or big, its wearer get same benefits. For attaing siddhi(sucess) rudraksha mala have great importance. Doing Japa through rudraksha mala has great importance than other malas. We can chant any god and goddess mantra from rudraksha mala. Shiva devotee chant om nama shivaya mantra(hymn) from rudraksha mala. We wear rudraksha as mala, bracelets and also we can find wearing as ear rings, on sikhas(hair part) etc.

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