Nav Means Nine which represents 9 planets and Ratna means stone dedicated to each planet. So it is called Navaratna or Navaratnas. We will talk here about navaratnas and its planet.

  1. Hira (Diamond) – It is harden and expensive ratna. It is found in white, pink and black color. According to astrology it is symbol of Sukra planet (Venus)
  2. Panna Emeralad – It is green or white mixed green stone. It is found both of transparent and non transparent. It is symbol of Budha Planet (Mercury.
  3. Pukhraj (Yellow Sapphire) – It is yellow and white stone which is transparent. It represent Brihaspati (jupiter).
  4. Nilam (Blue Sapphire) – It is like peacock neck which is dark blue color. And also found in light blue and transparant. Dark blue nilam is known as bangkok nilam. And light one is called Saloni nilam. It represent Shani Dev ( Saturn) planet.
  5. Manik (Ruby) – It is best of red, black red, reddish brown. It represent Surya Dev (Sun).
  6. Muga (coral) – Mostly it is red, sinduri/light orange and white in color. It represent planet mangal (mars).
  7. Moti (pearl) – Mostly it is white and also available in light pink, light yellow color. In Jyotish eye/ astrology it ruling planet is Chandrama (Moon).
  8. Gomed (hessonite) – It is black color red stone or yellow color red stone. As well as it is of color of gomutra. It represent planet rahu (shadow planet).
  9. Lahasuniya (Cat’s Eye) – It color is black with green or yellow. It have eyes mark or structure similar to cat so it is known as Vidalaksha (cat’s eye). It symbolize Ketu Planet (shadow planet).
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