Rudraksha Beads

Faq on Rudraksha

a) Why Nepal Rudraksha is Considered Best?

Answer- Nepal Rudraksha is best because of its clear faces (mukhis), its loving quality, etc and most importantly it is said that it is loved and used by saints and sages from very long time.

b) Where is Rudraksha Grown in Nepal?

Answer – Rudraksha is grown in villages and cities like Dingla , Bhojpur, Morang, Dharan, Biratnagar, dhankuta, Kathmandu, sindupalchowk, kavre etc in Nepal.

c) Can we wear broken or damage rudraksha? What should i do if my rudraksha is damage?

Answer – We should wear only not broken, damaged, not insect bitten Rudraksha. If your rudraksha is damage. Keep it in the worship room, temple.

d) How to know if rudraksha is original or not? How does water test help to find out?

Answer – These knowledge could you help to select genuine rudraksha. 1) Long term experience 2) Exray or lab test 3) Asking expert 4) checking by keeping the original bead. The genuine bead does not have unnecessary lines whereas the fake bead has unnecessary lines made with hand. Genuine Rudraksha in Trees whereas fake rudraksha is made with hand.

Water test is known as one of the old type of Rudraksha which help to find whether bead is heavy or light. Some believe heavy is live and developed whereas light is dead and undeveloped. But spiritually we can wear both. In this ancient test, we can find plastic or other materials as well, which are light and float in water. Beside this test, when we keep rudraksha in warm water for few minutes any unnatural substance used to make duplicate rudraksha comes out.

e) Can we eat non-veg food by wearing Rudraksha?

Answer – We suggest not to eat non vegeterian food. In case if you use. please take a bath and chant shiva’s name. Veg can get the fastest result. One of the names of the god shiva in 1000 names is ‘Satwika’. So we should consume only satvik or satvika food (veg food).

f) Why Nepali Rudraksha is expensive than indian and indonesian Rudraksha?

Answer – The main reason behind it could be market,production, quality,demand etc.

g) How to wear rudraksha for first time in home? Where can i buy energized Rudraksha online?

Answer – For Rudraksha simple wearing method you can go here. You can buy energize rudraksha beads which is sent after touch of pashupatinath at . Beside online purchase, you can buy in our store when you are visiting Pashupatinath God Shiva Temple in Nepal.

h) Can women wear Rudraksha?

Answer – Women can wear Rudraksha. There is no restrictions of male,female on wearing Rudraksha. It is for everyone from child (above 5) to old age devotees.

i) Why Rudraksha from ?

Answer – 1) Authentic and genuine

2) Quality

3) Energized

4) Worldwide delivery from Nepal