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Faq on Rudraksha

a) Why Nepal Rudraksha is Considered Best?

Answer- Nepal Rudraksha is best because of its clear faces (mukhis), great quality, etc and most importantly it is loved by a sage who lives in the Himalayas for a very long time.

b) Where is Rudraksha Grown in Nepal?

Answer – Rudraksha is grown in village and city like Dingla,Bhojpur, morang, dharan, biratnagar, kathmandu(some houses compound and giri gau), sindupalchowk, kavrepalanchowk etc.

c) Can we wear broken or damage rudraksha?

Answer – In this condition I suggest you to open it and keep it in puja Ghar/worship room, leave it in the temple or Ganga, or if you are purchasing new in shiva puran lord shiva says – “We should only wear good shape rudraksha, not damage, no insect bitten, etc. Hence, we should only wear good rudraksha. And it is not only the best jewelry of the world but jewelry of gods himself/herself.

d) Does 1 Mukhi Rudraksha from Nepal exist?

Answer – As per our records we have seen 1 mukhi rudraksha round nepali rudraksha inside pashupatinath temple which is shown once every year. It is available in single or it is rare so it is called one mukhi rudraksha itself. One Mukhi Rudraksha is available in half moon shape and it is best to wear. It does not have hole. It is worn in silver capping. The capping has om and Swastik mark. check it out

e) How to know if rudraksha is original or not? What does water test help to find out?

Answer – As per our life experience, we will find easily its genuinity by following ways. 1) Long term experience 2) Exray or lab test 3) Asking expert. 4) checking by keeping the original bead. The genuine bead does not have unnecessary lines whereas the fake bead has unnecessary lines or mark with hand.

The water test help to find whether bead is alive (heavy) or dead (light). Though it does not affect the user. Many love to wear heavy. Heavy bead sink in water whereas light float in water. Many believe that light bead is duplicate and heavy bead is original but it is not true. We can wear any bead which is grown naturally in trees.

f) Can we eat non veg food by wearing Rudraksha?

Answer – We should open while consuming non veg food and wear next day by taking bath and chanting om namah shivaya. I suggest not to eat non veg food after wearing rudraksha. So that it show positive effect quickly and efficiently.

g) Why Nepali Rudraksha is expensive than indian and indonesian Rudraksha?

Answer – The main reason behind it could be market,production, quality,demand etc.

h) how to wear rudraksha for first time in home? Where can i buy energized Rudraksha online?

Answer – For Rudraksha simple wearing method you can check it out this. You can buy energized rudraksha beads at . Every Rudraksha provided by us online will be energized at pashupatinath temple (god shiva temple).

i) Can women wear Rudraksha?

Answer – Women can wear Rudraksha. There is no restrictions of male,female on wearing Rudraksha. It is for everyone.

j) Why Rudraksha from ?

Answer – 1) Authentic certificate with every rudraksha beads purchase from us

2) genuine and high quality bead

3) Energized Rudraksha

4) Trusted Nepalese shop to purchase best Rudraksha from Nepal

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