Rudraksha Tree

Rudraksha Trees are long broadleaf tree found in a hilly region of Nepal. The fruits which grow in rudraksha trees is known as rudraksha fruits. Rudraksha fruits is also known as fal dana or rudraksha fal dana. The Pious Bead which is found inside Rudraksha fruits is Known as Rudraksha or Rudraksha beads which are… Continue reading Rudraksha Tree

Rudraksha according to rashi(zodiac sign)

Welcome to, welcome to Rudraksha according to rashi (zodiac sign/birth sign). “When we wear Rudraksha with devotion, astrology is only optional. It is also said that there is no need to ask anyone to wear Divine Rudraksha Beads”. It is also known as sacred holy object. Many devotees wish to rudraksha according to rashi.… Continue reading Rudraksha according to rashi(zodiac sign)

Different names of Shaligram

Shaligram is direct symbol of lord vishnu. There are different types of shaligram. Some are round, some oval. some have chakras(wheel design mark). Some of shaligrams name are laxmi narayan, krishna, shivaparvati, kurma, matsya,damodar etc. This page include 24 names(types) of shaligram(lord vishnu) with power and benefits of shaligram shilas/shaligram idols. It is name of… Continue reading Different names of Shaligram