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Pashupatinath Temple

Note – Inside pashupatinath temple,Camera,using mobile phone is strictly prohibited, the image here provided of shivling is kept for information use only. And image here provided is shivaling of other temple which looks similar to lord pashupatinath.


Jay Baba Pashupatinath

The temple of lord Pashupatinath is situated in Kathmandu city,Nepal. It is famous and most worshipped temple in Nepal. The temple is dedicated to God shiva(mahadev). The temple of lord pashupatinath is known as Bhu linga (Self appeared). The jytorilinga (shivalinga) of lord pashupatinath have four face situated in four direction.. Whereas his fifth face is situated above all the four face.. The fifth face is unseen with naked eyes so it is also known as Nirakar (without any form).

About the origin of lord pashupatinath,Many history/story can be found in various religious book. One of the history of origin is related to kamdhenu Cow. Every day kamdhenu cow used to offer her milk in land.. Due to curiosity about the behaviour of cow. The farmers of that time dig land to know what is there and why cow offer milk every day.. They saw a linga with divine light. These farmer can not control the divine light of linga. And they attain directly shivalok with reflection of light.

After it,many god including brahma,vishnu,indra and other god/goddess come here to worship pashupatinath (shiva) to make him happy. The first maintainer of temple of lord pashupatinath temple is god brahma,vishnu and indra himself. God vishnu made temple easy to worship pashupatinath.

The Name Pashupatinath meaning the Pashu-Pati- Nath.  Where Pashu meaning the Animal, Pati meaning the god of Animals . And Nath meaning the One who balance Protect punish and maintain all animals. He is also supreme in universe.. So lord pashupatinath balance every one who are engage with Kam(lust),krodh(anger/rage),lobh(greed),moha(attachment).


Pashupatinath Murti and Faces of Lord Pashupatinath

The shivalinga of lord pashupatinath is two hand big in his height. The four face of lord pashupatinath have two hand in each face. So in total he is emblem with eight hand. In his Right hand he is emblem with abhaya mudra and Jap mala. Whereas in his left hand he is emblem with kamandalu filled with nectar.

Temple of lord pashupatinath have four face in four direction where as one of his face is situated above all four face.So he have total five face.The fifth face of lord pashupatinath is invisible (nirakar/without form).

The name of all face name of lord pashupatinath are below-

1) The Dakshin (south face) of lord pashupatinath is known as Aghor. In forehead of this face of lord pashupatinath there is also rudraksha mala. This face is also known as Symbol of Rameshworam which is situated in south.

2) The purva (east face) of lord pashupatinath is known as Tatpurush. He have jatta(locks) in his head. He is also famous as jaggarnath.

3) The uttar ( north face) of lord pashupatinath is known as Bamdev. He is also famous as Ardha narishwor and Badrikedar.

4) The Paschim (South face) of lord Pashupatinath is known as Saddojat. His forehead is emblem with crown. He is also known as Dwarkadhish.

5) The fifth face of lord pashupatinath is known as Ishan. This face is invisible. This face is main face of lord pashupatinath. This face is also known as shiva shakti. In this fifth face the shakti puja is also carried out by the priest of pashupatinath temple. This face is situated in 90 degree of all face (above all four face).

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